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Why Advertise?


Provide: Advertising provides you the opportunity to present customers with information about your products and services.

Present: Advertising allows you to put forth a favourable image that differentiates you from your competitors while letting your customers know why they can depend on you.

Protect: Advertising helps you retain and grow your customer base, which in turn helps you build and protect your market share.

  • On average, businesses will lose 1/3 of their customers every year.

Profit: Advertising brings you customers. Customers bring you business. Business generates revenues and profits. Simple.

There are two markets that your business can advertise to:

  • The known market: those who are familiar with your business, such as past customers or referrals.
  • The unknown market: those who do not know of your business or have not purchased your products or services in the past.

Canpages is also an industry leader in sustainability. Our directories are completely recyclable and use the highest percentage of recycled content available. The contents of our directory paper are as follows: 40% recycled paper fibres, and 60% waste fibres created by sawmills [scrap wood, bark and sawdust] that were formally burned or sent to the landfill

Canpages continues to show its corporate priorities and environmental commitment by generously donating to worthy environmental groups whose purpose is to ensure a lasting legacy of wildlife and habitat in Canada. These groups include: Center for Sustainable Watersheds, Sierra Club Canada, and The Great Bear Rainforest Initiative.
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Canpages is Canada’s fastest growing local search company. Providing a multimedia platform that focuses on relevant, local results, Canpages offers many choices with online, print and mobile options.

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