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Idea Encore
An Efficient Marketplace for Nonprofit Sharing
IdeaEncore provides nonprofit organizations, foundations and quality content owners with an online marketplace for sharing ready-to-use tools / templates / training content / policies / program materials. This knowledge management service is a channel of distribution for spreading mission and creating earned income. IdeaEncore encourages organizations to invest the time to share their experiences. The service also supports a range of licensing options for sharing materials while protecting intellectual property rights. Unlike online libraries, Listserves, or broad internet searches, IdeaEncore’s incentivized sharing should mean more relevant content will be shared more broadly and more efficiently. The result should be a multiplier of sector capacity – allowing nonprofit organizations around the world to innovate faster, at lower cost, and with less risk compared with reinventing the wheel, networking, or using existing islands of online resources. 

The Right Incentives Make all the Difference
At its most basic level, IdeaEncore Network increases the benefits of sharing and lowers the barriers to sharing – thereby allowing organizations to learn more directly, more deeply, and more efficiently.

Share your knowledge
Authors and owners of knowledge (“Content Producers”) use IdeaEncore to:
  • advance their mission more broadly,
  • build the capacity of the field,
  • share their experiences more efficiently
  • create a new earned-income stream

Using Creative Commons or other licensing approaches, Content Producers can both share and protect their intellectual property.

Find what you need
Spend your time wisely. We have all wasted hours on Google and networking trying to find that specialized piece of information or practice tool. We just know that someone out there has already done what we are thinking about. But we just can’t find it efficiently. Nonprofit organizations looking to find tested approaches (“Idea Consumers”) to common problems will:
  • save significant time and money
  • learn from a broad range of ideas that have been proven through practice,
  • access resources they might not find through other means
  • reduce execution risk of their own new initiatives.

Finding information from people and organizations “like me” on IdeaEncore is easy and downloading the electronic content is fast. So you can get started faster, save your time, spend less money than creating it yourself. Ready to find some good ideas?

Your time is valuable
It is always free to search, browse and preview portions of the items on IdeaEncore. You do not even need to register. If you find something you want to download, simply register and download the item.
  • Free-Content has been shared by your colleagues eager for the broadest access
  • Paid-Content may be downloaded after paying the low price set by the person who shared the item.  Visa/MasterCard and PayPal are accepted.

Your colleagues’ experiences are waiting to be downloaded. Ready to find some good tools?

IdeaEncore can be your customized online library
Regional or national associations, foundations and nonprofits with multiple chapters or facilities can partner with the IdeaEncore Network to:
  • enhance membership benefits,
  • provide unique peer-learning opportunities,
  • harness the power of Web 2.0 / user generated content,
  • create new non-dues revenue streams

IdeaEncore creates custom agreements with organizations that want to share information between employees, association members, colleague organizations, coalition members or friends. It can be a group already in place or one created for the special purpose of sharing information through IdeaEncore. Providing access to information through IdeaEncore, especially at reduced member prices or available exclusively to members, can be a powerful member benefit that can be particularly attractive for recruiting new members. Please feel free to browse the site and contact us to learn more.
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IdeaEncore is an online marketplace for the sharing of ready-to-use tools, presentations, course outlines, templates, and project plans within and between nonprofit organizations. The system is designed to provide incentives for sharing and a range of intellectual property protections for shared materials.

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