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Survey Monkey
SurveyMonkey: Powerful tool for creating web surveys quickly and easily. 

Since 1999, its intuitive, self-serve format has helped millions of people leverage real-time insights to make more informed decisions.

SurveyMonkey is the world's leading provider of web-based survey solutions. SurveyMonkey provides the highest level of service to its customers, with 24-hour support on weekdays and a 1-hour customer response policy. Customers include millions of non-profit organizations, small and medium businesses, associations, educational institutions, individuals, and 100% of Fortune 100 companies. For more information, visit

SurveyMonkey allows you to create and publish custom surveys in minutes and then view the results graphically in real time.

With a professional subscription you can take advantage of the below features:
  • Unlimited -You can create surveys with an unlimited number of questions and collect an unlimited number of survey responses.
  • Survey Templates - We have over 50 survey templates in a variety of categories. Use one of our professionally designed templates to jumpstart your survey design.
  • Download Results to your local computer for further analysis. Take your summary results into Excel to create graphs.
  • Create Skip Logic - customize the path a respondent takes through your survey by adding skip logic.
  • Filter Results - A powerful feature that helps you find patterns in your results. Any question in your survey (even open-ended) can be filtered. The entire results section will reflect your filter choices.
  • Cross Tab Results – Cross tabulated data is useful for showing a side by side comparison of how respondents answered two or more survey questions.
  • Create Accessible and 508 compliant and certified surveys
  • Share Results - Let others view your results without giving them access to your account. You can control which results are visible and how the results may be used.
  • Create Custom Reports and Charts, to include only the questions in which you're interested. Export them or share them with others for easier data management and/or analysis.
  • Customize your design – add a logo to reinforce your brand identity.

Take advantage of SurveyMonkey's most popular pricing plan at a discount rate of 25%. A $50 savings.

How to get started: To take advantage of this partnership and set up an account with SurveyMonkey, please email and mention the NPPG Coupon Code. We will respond to your request within the hour.
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Save 25% off an annual subscription
SurveyMonkey is the world's leading provider of web-based survey solutions. Our powerful tool allows you to quickly and easily create online surveys to ask questions, get answers, and analyze results. For more information, visit

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