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Excellerate - the value of our practical solutions will exceed your investment…!


Executives and managers of many Not for Profit Groups (NPG’s) can get swept away by the challenges that present themselves as the organization “grows up” before their eyes.  Excellerate is focused on supporting that organizational transformation as your NPG grows and changes.  


Whether it is to access skills and resources to tackle a specific project, creating customized management reporting tools or developing practical human resource solutions - Excellerate offers skilled and experienced Subject Matter Experts that we call “Practice Partners”.  They will work with you, either individually or within custom-built teams that are uniquely qualified to tackle your organizational challenges.


All of our Practice Partners have built, owned or run multi-million-dollar businesses or lines of business and have turned theory into practice, made the calls and changed up the game to take organizations and companies to the next level.  Relative to their practice areas, they’re experts who come from the trenches rather than consulting ivory towers.


Our goal is to solve growth problems with cost effective and practical solutions recognizing that organizations are not made of up independent silos of activity, but are the result of interdependent groups that work together toward a common goal of providing a service to people and communities.


By discovering efficiencies that leverage off each other, Excellerate Practice Partners can help your NPG become more than the sum of the parts, enabling your organization to remain healthy as it continues to grow and be successful.

Excellerate is proud to be a Certified Growth Curve Specialist


Excellerate is focused in the following Practice areas:

Strategy – Our people are some of the most experienced in the industry in leading the Strategy development process that will assist you in developing a practical plan for your organization to grow and succeed.

Finance – Our Finance group is expert at engineering systems and processes to accommodate unique requirements that affect the financial health of an organization.

Human Resources – Our HR group has extensive experience in union and non-union environments, and has developed solutions in the insurance, oil and gas, manufacturing, non-profit, high-tech, health and communications sectors.

Operations – Our Operations group solves operational growth limitations by systematically identifying challenges and driving the implementation of action-oriented solutions.

Communications & PR – Our PR group has developed and executed marketing, communications and PR strategies and campaigns – using both traditional and Web media – for organizations of all sizes in a wide range of industries.

Sales & Marketing – Our Sales group has decades of hands-on experience working with some of the country’s most successful marketing and sales-focused organizations.

Coaching/Mentoring Development – Our Leadership group combines the high performance strategies and techniques from the business and competitive sports arenas, and helps unleash the energy, passion and leadership capacity that are often dormant in an organization.

Information Technology – Our IT team has broad experience in a spectrum of industries across Canada, and specializes in designing, building and supporting integrated technology solutions that are tightly coupled to business processes that drive the bottom line.


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Our results will exceed your investment…!


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Excellerate brings to the equation a team of Practice Partners that is uniquely able to tackle the problems and issues faced by successful, growing organizations. That claim is tough to substantiate with words, but we believe Excellerate really is cut from a different cloth. While the market is awash with Business Process Consultants and Strategic Advisors who will share what they learned in their MBA programs or picked up in their careers with established consulting firms, all our Practice Partners have built, owned and run their own multi-million-dollar businesses. They’ve turned theory into practice, made the calls and changed up the game to take their own companies to the next level. Relative to their practice areas, they’re experts who come from the trenches rather than consulting ivory towers.

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