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UtiliTech Inc.

UtiliTech, Inc. ( is a national leader in utility and telecommunications auditing and procurement since 1991.  UtiliTech works on a “Success Fee” basis so we only get paid if we find real savings for you. 

UtiliTech offers:


  • Electric & Natural Gas Bill Audits – Most commercial organizations are being overcharged for utilities.  Our energy auditors review your utility bills to uncover errors and overcharges, and then we work to obtain applicable refunds and make billing corrections resulting in reduced utility expenses.  We provide a detailed presentation of findings and show you how and where you can save money immediately.
  • Telecommunications Bill Audits – Your organization is almost certainly being overcharged for telecom services.  We can put a stop to it and recover refunds owed to you.  We use our in-house telecom experts to save you money on your telecom expenditures.
  • Energy Procurement Services – We conduct a comprehensive energy bill study to determine usage history and load requirements.  We then request quotes from multiple energy suppliers for the electric and/or natural gas supply.  We help your organization understand the pricing options and make the best decision to meet your energy cost goals.  We then monitor the change in suppliers and manage the contracts going forward.


UtiliTech has conducted over 20,000 utility and telecommunications bill audits and discovered over $80 million in cost reductions and savings for its clients.  UtiliTech also manages nearly $500 million in energy and telecom procurement on behalf of its clients.  Clients include for-profit and non-profit organizations in industries such as manufacturing, government, healthcare, education, retail and others throughout North America. 

To receive the NPPG offer (which includes an additional 10% discount off Utilitech's Success Fees), sign up and visit our website for step by step instructions on how your organization can start saving money now! 

Energy & Telecom Bill Audits & Procurement Services
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UtiliTech offers electric, natural gas and telecom bill auditing services on a “Success Fee” basis. We find savings and/or refunds in over 90% of our audits. There is no risk. You pay only a portion of the savings/refunds. UtiliTech also provides its clients with procurement services for electric, gas, and telecom.

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