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Plug and Play Remote Video Hosting

IPCamStore is a simple and powerful surveillance solution for your home, office, or business. You can access one camera at your home or a thousand cameras in your offices around the world from one secure online location.

Our cloud-based video hosting platform provides an inexpensive and easy-to-use video surveillance solution with no need for special software.

The One-click feature of AXIS Communications cameras enables them to connect to our servers by just one simple press on the button.

Having a video surveillance solution for your home or business has never been easier. No video recorders, no IT support or network configuration is required!

Four Easy Steps

  1. Open an account with us and sign up for a service plan.
  2. Buy AXIS camera from web store.
  3. When you get the camera, plug it in, connect to the Internet, and register online.
  4. Login online to watch the live feed and archived recordings from any Internet-enabled device.

Video Surveillance Over Cellular Network

Mi5 is a Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution which consists of RedEye Series cameras and cloud-based MyMi5 video surveillance services.

RedEye Wireless is a wire-free, portable battery/solar powered surveillance camera family designed to capture and transmit a defined sequence of images (via GSM cellular data network) to a secure online platform (MyMi5). RedEye Wireless has been designed with battery life optimization being of paramount importance.

Mi5 VSaaS solution allows our customers to place their Mi5 surveillance cameras anywhere GSM cellular data network exists: at Athabasca Glacier, at a farm gate, in a warehouse, inside a vehicle, at a construction site, or in the French Alps.

Extensive configuration options of RedEye cameras allow you to strike a balance between performance and power/traffic consumption. When motion is detected, a camera will capture and transmit a predefined number of images to MyMi5 data centre. It will then switch into a low power consumption mode to continue capturing and storing images locally for the duration of the event. This prevents excessive cellular data traffic to keep the costs of operation down for the owner. Alternatively, RedEye camera can operate in a 'Time Lapse' mode, when an image is captured at a preset time interval (e.g., every 15 minutes).

Below are the key features of MyMi5 online platform:

  • Simple wizard to program your RedEye camera and modem
  • Geo-coding of your RedEye camera
  • Viewing, analysis, and management of your security images
  • Graphical reporting of camera activations and trends
  • Request for immediate delivery of further security images
  • Intrusion notifications via email
  • Grouping of RedEye cameras into sites for easy management
  • Social Media integration
  • Management of user access rights for cameras and camera sites
  • MyMi5 is hosted on high availability servers, ensuring that the service is available at least 99.9% of the time
  • Optional monitoring station integration for professional monitoring of your security camera. MyMi5 incorporates advanced features for Enterprise and Government users.

Complete Security Surveillance Solution

InstantVIEW Video Surveillance Solution is an Internet video management and recording platform.

Our image capture and control system enables you to monitor your property and see what causes any alarm before you call the police or guarding company.

Our "live" feature allows you to connect your network cameras to the system from any web browser.

InstantVIEW platform is capable of storing images from many different types of network cameras.

Once network camera detects motion, it sends a text or multimedia message to your cell phone or an email with an image attached.

Our customers can protect their businesses or properties from intrusions and use the recorded videos hosted in our data center for further investigations.

The owner can view the recorded videos and images at any time by simply logging into our server. Hosted video clips and images remain on our server until they are overwritten or deleted by the owner.

Video Surveillance
Save an additional 5% OFF all surveillance cameras, equipment and VSaaS.
We provide surveillance solutions that have excellent remote viewing capabilities; it's accessible through an easy to use web interface for laptops and smart mobile devices that work on all major browsers, operating systems. This combination of using IP Video Cameras, video hosting service, and your Phone or Laptop - takes you to the next level of personal security and remote control.

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