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Think Wireless
At THINK! Wireless, we think about cellular technology in a different way. We present it in a manner that proves to our customers that cellular technology is a necessity, not a commodity. We offer services from all major cellular carriers in Canada. By doing so, we can implement virtually any application throughout the country, no matter what the network preference is.

We offer a variety of solutions because every business is unique, and has unique needs. As a licensed reseller of many different providers, we are able to be as diverse as we need to be. Our team has more than 56 years of combined experience in the cellular industry. None of our clients are under contract. Our goal is to win your business by leveraging our knowledge and experience. Our commitment is to keep your business with exceptional service.

A Consultative Approach

We start by identifying your requirements. Once we understand what you need, we bring the solution providers to you directly. We help you weigh the pros and cons and make an educated decision. This allows you to make the right decision, faster. We save our customers time and money by providing professional consultation throughout the entire buying process.

Contact us today to find out if there are wireless solutions that can help you lower your operating costs and run your business more efficiently!
GPS Tracking Solutions
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Enjoy exclusive NPPG pricing on GPS based vehicle, asset and handset tracking solutions for your business. All prices include installation, training and ongoing service. There is no contractual obligation.

GPS tracking can help businesses increase the productivity of their employees, streamline processes and lower operating costs. Features like "Route Optimization" and "Geo-fencing Technology" can help businesses better service their customers, protect their assets, and so much more!

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