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”To Be More Productive You Need Bigger Brains”
Bigger Brains’ unique style of eLearning uses a revolutionary Teacher/Learner format. Instead of one voice lecturing on and on throughout an eLearning course, Bigger Brains courses simulate a classroom environment by using two people - a Teacher and a Learner - who can discuss topics, ask each other questions, and create a more engaging dialogue. This is not only easier to watch, studies show it’s more effective at helping students retain the knowl- edge they are given in an online course.
Filmed in HD with multiple cameras, experienced Teachers, and high quality production, Bigger Brains’ premium courses stand out from the competition and are a popular choice of HR departments around the world.
Starting as low as $10 per month with your NPPG discount, Bigger-Brains courses include:
     Microsoft Excel (68 modules, 10 hours)
     Microsoft Word (82 modules, 14 hours)
     Microsoft PowerPoint (42 modules, 6 hours)
     Windows 8 (5 modules, 1 hour)
     Quickbooks Pro 2013 (43 modules, 6 hours)
PLUS courses in marketing, time management, sales, communication, and more. All courses are available 24/7 from any PC, Mac, iPad, or smartphone.
Customize your Bigger-Brains company portal with your own training materials, or add courses from third-party vendors as well.  For questions about how Bigger-Brains can benefit your company, contact us anytime at or (864) 421-6950.
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Bigger-Brains provides a uniquely engaging style of online training, including courses in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, Quickbooks, Online Marketing, Time Management, Sales & Marketing, and more.

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